A Mobile Wallet
with many features built around users

Mobile App

One single App to run every Ðapp coded on Ethereum.

Keys Management

Manage your cryptokeys pair securely using your smartphone, a strong password, a PIN and TouchID.

Tokens Management

Manage your tokens and coins. You could store and transfer all your coins with one single app.


Ethereum Wallet

Send and Receive Ether to and from community using a smarth and easy mobile app.

Decentralized Communities

Build your micro-community and connect to Ðapp groups.


Encrypted messages to communicate with friends and to interact with Ðapps.

Your Tool-Box for the future!

Reinvent the Apps starting from your Peer. Leth's go... under your control!

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Unpacking The Blockchain

INZHOOP presents LΞTH, the FIRST mobile Blockchain control Wallet Ethereum based

Fast Test subscription for iOS version. Quick installation without subscription:

Test iOS version using TestFlight App. Provide us your email and only after our registration you could install Over-The-Air:

Download Android version directly from PlayStore":

Get it on Google Play

Use a browser (Chrome suggested) with Desktop or Mobile device settings and try Live Web Demo versions:


Tips & Tricks

  • Default network setting is Ropsten (testnet)
  • Don't store large ETH amount on app under test
  • Write down the seed to be able to restore your wallet
  • Choose a 8 character password using at least 1 capital char and 1 number
  • Choose a 4 digit PIN to protect acces to the app
  • Web version demo run client side
  • Mind the delay due to serverless p2p architecture
  • Write Whisper (shh) messages to inzhoop for other support

    We are looking for developers and testers, join us!

    What is rumored

    Some interesting posts to read.


    LETH is a p2p application, you are responsible for your data and what you share with the Ethereum public blockchain. You can share your messages in clear on public chat or encrypted in private chat but we never store them on any servers. We never collects information about your device except if you submit feedback to us using your email, you can read privacy policy here. The email you submit to us for early access is collected by Mailchimp, you can read their privacy policy here and your email may be shared with Google Play & Apple Testflight as alpha/beta tester, part of the Early Access Program. We will send you infrequent emails unless you unsubscribe.

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